Scan to BIM

Project Overview

  • Title: Chapel of Ressurection
  • Sector: Scan To BIM- Laser Scanning,Point Clouds & 3D Modelling



'Scan to BIM' refers to using Laser Scanning equipment within the built environment to produce a point cloud. These types of surveys are highly accurate, especially in complex buildings, and are also considerably quicker than traditional surveys.

 A point cloud can then be loaded into modelling software and a model can be produced. This can benefit the client in a range of ways:

  • Visualisations and animations for presentations 
  • Model can be passed onto Designers which enables them to produce their own plan designs with confidence, knowing that the model is highly accurate
  • Validate 'as built' plans
  • Pre-Construction survey-verifying distances and queries on hand-held devices through the use of CDE (Common Data Environment)
  • Post Construction Model Verification
  • Post Construction- Project life-cycle management Information


E McMullan were tasked to carry out Laser Scanned Survey of the Chapel of the Ressurection, in North Belfast and produce an accurate federated model of survey.

Client Situation

A Survey needed to be carried out on the Chapel of the Ressurection in North Belfast, finished circa. 1989, due to the Chapel being a listed building which restricts traditional surveys being carried out on the building. A survey and corresponding 3D model would enable the client to plan for the proposed restoration works to be carried out on the external fabric of the Chapel.


  • Initial Client consultation to establish clients' needs 
  • Site was visited and evaluated
  • Building Laser scanned to produce a three-dimensional record of the built environment
  •  Point cloud brought into modelling software
  • Modelled accurately and completely bespoke to all components of the Chapel including:
            • Windows 
            • Doors
            • Columns
            • Spires